Spa services


*Foot Massage
- Focus on foot and then Back, shoulders, head, neck, hands, legs, thighs for relaxing
- Use the hot stone & aroma oil
- Organic herbal tea time & Comfortable Massage armchair

1. Pagoda Foot Massage 60min : 280,000 VND
2. TempleFoot Massage 90min : 370,000 VND
3. Express Foot Massage 30min : 200,000 VND

*Body Massage
- Focus on back &shoulders and head, neck, hands, legs, foot, thighs for relaxing
- Fresh Cucumber Facial Pack & hot stone & aroma oil
- Comfortable Massage Bed & Organic herbal tea time

1. Pagoda Body Massage 60min : 340,000 VND
2.Temple Body Massage 90min : 440,000 VND
3. Express Body Massage 30min : 220,000 VND

* Relaxing Package - 2 hours course (including Free shower)
1.Body massage 120min : 650,000 VND

2. Body massage 60min : 620,000 VND
Foot massage 60min

3. Foot massage 100min : 560,000 VND
Foot Scrub (THANN salt scrub) 20min
*THANN Signature Organic Facial Care 45min : 550,000VND
(Shiso Green tea cleansing & Organic oat meal scrub & Clay mask pack)

*Moisturizing Facial Care 45min : 450,000 VND

(THANN Shiso Green tea cleansing organic oat meal scrub + moisturizing Mask Pack)

* 2 hours and 30min course 1,050,000 VND

- 90min Body Massage with hot stone (including free shower)

- 30min Organic Body xcrub & 30min Organic Facial scrub and Clay Mask Pack

*Healing Package - 3 hours course : 1,150,000VND
- 60min Body massage and 60min Foot massage with hot stone
- 30min Organic Body scrub
- 30min Organic Facial scrub and Clay Mask Pack (inclluding Free shower)

*Special Package (Massage & Scrub)(including Free shower)
1.Pagoda Leaf Special 80min: 6300,000 VND
- 40 min Body Massage with Hot stone
- 30 min Scrub with THANN salt scrub or Coffee scrub + Shower (THANN)10min
2.Temple Leaf Special 100min: 720,000 VND
- 60min Body Massage with Hot stone
- 30min Scrub with THANN salt scrub or Coffee scrub+ Shower (THANN) 10min

* Scrub
- Use the THANN salt scrub or coffee scrub & Including 10min shower)
- You can choose one of thescrub (Sea foam / aromatic wood /Coffee)
1. Body Scrub 60min: 600,000 VND
2. Foot Scrub 45min: 350,000 VND

*THANN Sanctuary Signature Massage
(THANN is NO.1 of the luxury spa brand from Thailand which is pure organic spa product extracted from vegetables, grain and rice)
- All massage use THANN Organic aroma oil & hot stone
- You can choose one of the THANN aroma oil
1. THANN Body Massage 60min: 550,000 VND
2.THANN Body Massage 90min: 650,000 VND

*Shower Service (with THANN product): 50,000VND